Top Ten Ways to Get Website Traffic From Facebook

Facebook is the fastest growing social networking site today and will continue to grow over the next few years. In an age of new media, there are several varying ways to get website traffic from Facebook. Internet traffic is proven to increase your sales, build your lists and top up your SEO. There are several simple yet effective ways to get traffic from Facebook and drive more leads to your website. Here’s how!

Utilize Your Info Tab

Many fan pages tend to skip out fulfilling their info tabs. Be sure to do your research and find the best keywords to optimize your core description. This is one way to build your Facebook SEO which in turn will get website traffic. Absolutely add all relevant information and build your Info Tab before publishing your page.


Connect everything. A crucial way to get traffic from Facebook is to connect your blogs to your Facebook and Facebook to your website. Several people will only look at a website or social media outlet first. Having a re-direct to more relevant information is a must. When posting be sure to add posts that include direct links to your website, but do so cautiously without spamming your fans. Mathew Woodward shows you how here:

Build Your Facebook Network

Try finding fans that are looking for the product or service your website is offering. Be patient as half of building your fan base is viral. In return, it is a good idea to invite your lists that are already built to like your Facebook page.


Facebook offers a simple yet efficient advertising platform. You will be able to reach out to potential customers and fans that may not have been aware of your website previously. Set up a simple ad with your website on the ad which will redirect back to your Facebook fan page.

Content is Key

It may seem trivial, but posting relevant content is an important step to getting more internet traffic. SEO comes into play once again, so be sure that when you post you are keeping it relevant and keyword loaded. Airsoft Deals, a UK airsoft shop creates content daily to keep their audience engaged and active within their community of fans.

Publish a Podcast or Webinar

Sometimes seeing is better than reading. If you have useful advice for your fans, generate a webinar and promote this to your fans as a “free gift.” Use this as a promotion to get website traffic. Included in your webinar speak of your website and encourage fans to visit.

Fans love experts and well-known celebrities in any given industry. Try obtaining an interview or relevant information from these given guests and publish this on your Facebook page. You can do a live interview or a recorded webinar. Look for Facebook users in the top of your industry and reach out to them!

Ask Questions and Accept Feedback

Ask your fans questions, specifically about your website. Bring up a specific topic from your website in a post and ask your fans what they think of it. An example would be this…If you are a company that offers social media consulting, ask your fans what their top problems are revolving Facebook. Providing solutions and answers to their questions will allow you to re-direct them back to your website.

Ask Influential Fans to Share Your Posts

Engage your fans and entice them to share your posts by offering contests and promotions without over spamming. Be sure to include your website when doing this, and you should see almost immediate results. You can also find fans who are willing to post your content in exchange for posting theirs. Be sure to be careful when doing this as it may come across as spam to your fans. To reduce this find relevant and influential people who are in the same industry as you.

Make Your Voice Heard

Always comment on other people’s Facebook fan page. Doing so will encourage them to do the same which in turn will produce a higher rate of fan conversion. Post relevant comments in a friendly demeanor and you should see the same results over time.

Everett Snyder